SOURA is an associative platform, intended to support the Lebanese photographic creation. The aim is to contribute to the continuity of the photographic production in Lebanon, to promote this scene and to support it in order to favour its influence.

SOURA also aims at training and informing in the field of photography in Lebanon in order to encourage exchanges to defend cultural diversity.

The issues and challenges on the Lebanese territory are multiple. Political instability, the financial crisis, the pandemic and the explosion of the port of Beirut have left the country bereft. The Lebanese cultural industry, structurally fragile, is now precarious.

A vibrant, committed and supportive scene, it has been confronted for years with many major difficulties: the absence of public cultural space, public funding, the lack of cultural offer in the regions, with most galleries, museums or art centres based in Beirut.

Today, and more than ever, we must implement all possible actions to support this scene and encourage its encounter with a new public.

Soura’s team is composed of members with complementary profiles, each bringing the necessary expertise to the realization of the association’s projects.

The team is completed by an advisory committee composed of personalities of reference in the field of photography and culture. As guarantors of expertise, they offer the association guarantees of seriousness and coherence while also contributing to reinforcing our values.